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Help Desk Information Template /core/fileparse.php/2122/urlt/SD_Help_Desk_Information_Template_Form.pdf
Updated August 21, 2018
Before contacting the South Dakota Smarter Balanced Assessment Help Desk, review this document to confirm the information needed to answer your question in a timely manner. Note: This template has been updated for the 2018-19 school year.
System Support Plan for TDS /core/fileparse.php/2122/urlt/SD_EOL_2018-2019_Final.pdf
Updated March 11, 2019
2018-2019 TDS Support Modifications /core/fileparse.php/2122/urlt/SD_2018-2019-TDS-Support-Modifications-Add-Drop.pdf
This document describes American Institutes for Research’s (AIR) plan for supporting operating systems during the 2018–2019 test administration and its subsequent years. This plan helps districts and schools manage operating system deployments based on the support timelines.
Tested Headsets /core/fileparse.php/2122/urlt/SD_AIR-Tested-Head-Sets_2016-2017.pdf
The headsets listed within the document have been thoroughly tested for use in online testing on various supported devices.
Test Security Incident Log /core/fileparse.php/2122/urlt/Test-Security-Incident-Log.xlsx
Updated August 24, 2018
This is the Test Security Incident Log.